7 Web3 Marketing Tools - Which is your favorite?

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Jun 5, 2024 · 3 mins read

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Marketing is essential for any business to succeed.

Here, I have put together 7 Marketing Tools for the Web3 niche.

These marketing tools belong to categories like data collection, data analysis, content creation & content distribution.

Sit back, relax, and continue.

Starting with BlockSurvey.


BlockSurvey is a data collection platform that can be used for lead generation.

Lead generation is an important part of marketing, and BlockSurvey does that well.

You can use BlockSurvey to capture leads at a low cost.

Given the Web3 nature of BlockSurvey, it is apt for Web3 lead generation.

If you are curious to know more, read the 8-step process that details how to generate Web3 leads using surveys.

Additionally, you can perform top-notch market research using BlockSurvey.

With BlockSurvey, you can create token-gated surveys across 10+ Blockchain networks.

You can save time and cost with the help of AI-driven surveys.

Try BlockSurvey now for free and fuel your marketing.


You should know about Coinzilla, if you are a Web3 Marketer.

Coinzilla is an advertising network platform.

It is a leading advertising network that connects marketers with Web3-focused publishers.

As per their website, they have delivered over 16000+ successful campaigns.

This platform was founded in 2016, leveraging the continuously expanding Web3.

This tool allows for customizable ad campaigns, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Coinzilla can also help you with content creation services.

Like any other product, there are also negative reviews for Coinzilla. You can find those on TrustPilot.


DappRadar is a widely used tool in Web3.

DappRadar provides DApp (Decentralized Application) Insights for strategic marketing decisions.

It gives useful information about DApp usage and the latest trends.

You can fine-tune your marketing campaign based on DappRadar Insights.

DApp metrics are listed for several categories like blockchain, NFT, DeFi, game & more.

It allows you to stay ahead of the game by identifying upcoming DApps set to hit the market. This early information gives you a competitive advantage during marketing campaigns.

They publish blogs almost daily. These blogs help gather information on the latest happenings in Web3.

It offers a pro membership with premium insights & tailored alerts.

The DappRadar mobile application is available on the Apple Store & Google Play.


Peepeth is a Web3 alternative to Twitter.

This social media platform is entirely built on the principles of Web3.

You get to see a lot of people here who are interested in talking about Web3. Building a Web3 community is a lot easier. You can reach a lot of Web3 audiences with this platform.

Web3 marketers can build a solid online presence with this Web3 social platform.

Peepeth is powered by Ethereum Blockchain & IPFS.

Storing the content on Blockchain gives you control. This also means the platform is censorship-resistant and supports free speech.

You can find Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum) in Peepath. However, he is not very active in this platform.


Use the Coinscribble platform to publish your content on top Web3 media sites.

It provides a lucrative affiliate program. You get referral fees when you connect companies seeking Web3 marketing services with Coinscribble.

Many Web3 marketers are already using this platform.

You get a chance to publish your content on top websites like Bitcoin.com & NFTPlazas.

One can track the performance of the content campaign with their analytics dashboard.

They provide services under below 4 packages: On-demand ($99), Intro ($299), Starter ($1399), & Growth ($2899).

Other than standard packages, they also offer custom packages.

CoinScribble helps you reach a diversified crypto audience.

Behind Coinscribble is Coinbound, a Web3 marketing agency.


Attrace is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform.

You can use their referral link when recommending a token and earn rewards.

The solution offered by Attrace is a cure-all for the pains surrounding centralized affiliate marketing platforms.

Attrace overcomes the disadvantages of centralized affiliate systems and provide the following.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Fraud prevention
  • Cost reduction
  • Stronger Community

The Attrace team is based out of the Netherlands.


Tropee is a quest platform.

You can engage your audience with quests, rewards & referrals.

This quest platform has more than 50,000 communities.

You can create quests for your audience. The more quests they complete, the more rewards they receive.

This is a fun & engaging marketing strategy that is predominant in the Web3 niche.

This platform is feature-rich with email notifications & easy-to-use analytics.

Tropee has a $0 plan that is free forever, with no upfront costs.

It provides paid plans for those looking to scale their business with more advanced marketing features.

Your Favorite?

All the above web3 marketing tools are equally promising.

Be it a data collection platform like BlockSurvey, a content creation and distribution platform like CoinScribble, Peepeth, or CoinZilla, a data analysis platform like Dapp Radar, or a Quest platform like Tropee, they are proven marketing tools.

If you have tried any of these tools before, let me know your favorite.

7 Web3 Marketing Tools - Which is your favorite? FAQ

What are Web3 Marketing Tools?

Web3 Marketing Tools are digital marketing tools that leverage blockchain technology and decentralized networks to enhance transparency, security, and user control in marketing campaigns.

How can Web3 Marketing Tools benefit businesses?

Web3 Marketing Tools can help businesses build trust with consumers, increase data security, reduce intermediary fees, and improve campaign transparency and accountability.

What are some examples of Web3 Marketing Tools?

Examples of Web3 Marketing Tools include blockchain-based ad platforms, decentralized content distribution networks, smart contract-based loyalty programs, and tokenized incentivization systems.

How do Web3 Marketing Tools differ from traditional marketing tools?

Web3 Marketing Tools differ from traditional tools by utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts, decentralized networks, and token economies to provide greater transparency, security, and user control in marketing campaigns.

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