Web3 Lead Generation: Strategies for Attracting Potential Customers

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May 10, 2024 · 5 mins read

Are you a Web3 startup looking for clients to use your dApp? Are you an NFT creator looking to sell your digital assets? Are you looking for lead generation strategies in Web3? You are at the right place.

Simply Pushing advertisements online to generate leads does not work for Web3. To capture leads in Web3, we need to engage with the customer on a deeper level.

One must master traditional lead generation strategy and, at the same time, have a solid understanding of Web3 Technology.

To have a fruitful lead-capturing process, you must be prepared. Below are a few things you must prepare before starting the Web3 lead generation process.

  • Have a defined Target Audience
  • Identify your Value Proposition
  • Have at least an MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Be ready with Lead magnets

You must strive to position yourselves as authorities in the Web3 space. This is the surest way to successful Web3 marketing.

Remember, generating more leads paves the way for getting more customers.

The lead generation strategies discussed in this blog apply to both B2B & B2C.

Sit tight. Let’s start.

Web3 Community & Social Media

Community is the cornerstone of Web3. It is the place where real Web3 discussions take place. Social Media Web3 Communities are fertile ground for Web3 Lead Generation.

Twitter, Telegram & Discord prove to be promising social media for Web3 discussions.

Airdrops and Giveaways are popular community strategies for attracting new users to Web3 products by giving away free tokens.

Reaching people through social media is cost-effective as opposed to traditional offline advertisements.

It is also a good idea to try Web3 Social media alternatives for better results during lead generation.

How to reach the right people on social media?

Below are a few ways to reach the right audience on social media.

  • You can check out Competitor’s followers.
  • You can search posts (or Tweets) for required Web3 keywords.
  • You can search Profile Bio for Web3 keywords aligned to your goals.

These methods are especially helpful when searching for real people aligned with your buyer personas.

Web3 Events

Attending Web3 events and conferences helps you generate leads. You also get to meet many enthusiasts from the Web3 space. Web3 events help you get more B2B clients than B2C clients.

I have listed below a few Web3 events that you might consider attending for Web3 lead generation.

  • NFT Paris - A major European event dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens.
  • ETHDenver - A well-known Hackathon where participants collaborate to create Web3 products.
  • WoWSummit - A conference where industry leaders come together for high-class networking.

Refer to this resource by TAIKAI (a hackathon platform) for details of more Web3 events.

How do you make the best use of Web3 events?

  • Plan whom you want to meet & prepare your questions.
  • Have a concise & compelling pitch for your project.
  • Being ready with Interactive product demos can be more attractive.
  • Have adequate Business cards for networking.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing your website content for ranking in search engines like Google & Bing.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic paves the way for new users to find your product. To receive Organic traffic, you must tailor content to resonate with the Web3 audience.

Remember, not everyone is your customer. Identifying the buyer persona and writing content targeted at them is necessary. So, practice identifying the buyer persona for the content you write.

You may find it difficult to identify the buyer persona, but don’t worry—it comes well with practice.

Paid Traffic

You can also opt-in for paid & targeted advertising like Google Ads. It helps you get some quick leads. However, do not underestimate the power of organic traffic (non-paid), for the benefits are huge.

organic versus paid seo

Source: GuerrillaBuzz

Other Strategies

  • Improved Website Design
  • Optimized Landing Pages
  • Improve Website Speed
  • Compelling copy

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an affordable and effective way of generating leads for Web3.

There is no formula for the perfect email — Authentic and honest messaging works.

Email addresses are usually collected in exchange for lead magnets like PDFs and Newsletters.

Apollo is an effective email marketing platform with handy features like

  • Get the email addresses of decision-makers from any company.
  • Provides automated follow-up facilities for unresponded emails.
  • Provides indicators and metrics like Open rates & unsubscribe rates.

Key Etiquette to follow in email marketing

  • Always obtain explicit consent from recipients before sending marketing emails.
  • Provide a simple way for recipients to unsubscribe from your emails at any time.
  • Make your emails more tailored and less generic.
  • Avoid clickbait titles that can mislead the recipient.
  • Comply with data protection laws like GDPR.
  • Always proofread your emails before sending them.

Leverage Social Proof

Testimonials from your existing clients are good examples of social proof. Testimonials can be received through emails or social media.

BlockSurvey leverages social proof with

  • Client logos
  • Twitter Wall of Love
  • Video Testimonials

Browse the BlockSurvey Homepage to find how we leverage social proof. Below is an example of a video testimonial. Jeff Nicholas speaks about how BlockSurvey made his job easier.

Jeff Nicholas testimony for BlockSurvey

Source: BlockSurvey

Practical Tips to Gather Effective Testimonials

  • Identify satisfied users who frequently interact with your product.
  • Use simple tools like BlockSurvey to make feedback collection easy.
  • Use Discord to request testimonials directly from the community.
  • Video testimonials can be more engaging.
  • Always use original testimonials from genuine users.
  • Show appreciation for testimonials by responding.

Seek Marketing Companies

Web3 Marketing as a Service

When you don’t have an in-house marketing expert readily available, you can approach Web3 Marketing as a Service company.

Make sure you do thorough research to approach efficient companies & ensure you have the budget to avail of these paid services.

Antier Solutions is one such company that offers Web3 Marketing as a service.

Press Release Agency

Approaching a Press Release Agency is another method for lead generation.

Publishing your writings in top news media helps you get leads.

Most of all, you must understand what you are writing about and who you are trying to reach.

Press Release Agencies like Blockchain Press have connections with major news media. Most importantly, it is a Web3-specific PR agency.

Seek Marketing Professionals

Influencer Marketing

Let’s say Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, speaks positively about your brand. Don’t you think it increases your Brand awareness?

Getting highly influential people in the Web3 space to promote your product is a good idea.

It can be as simple as mentioning your handle on socials. It can also be a video where the influencer speaks about your brand. Either way, you are positioned to receive leads for your brand because it improves Brand Awareness.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a method where you pay people who sell your product.

The pay is usually in commission percentages of the product's price.

Payment is made not only to sell your product but sometimes to bring qualified leads.

Consider having a page on your website where affiliate marketers can register to sell your product. This way, affiliate marketers will have easy access to sell your product.

Have a look at the BlockSurvey’s Affiliate page.

Cross Marketing

Cross-marketing, also known as cross-promotion, involves collaboration between different brands to promote each other's products or services, often targeting the same demographic.

This strategy leverages the strengths and customer bases of each partner, enhancing brand visibility and broadening reach.

Effective cross-marketing creates a synergistic effect, offering combined value that can attract new customers and boost sales for all involved parties.

Using Surveys To Capture Leads

Surveys are a great way to capture leads with an Inbound marketing approach. Surveys help you gather data about a larger problem. It helps you build rapport with the clients.

BlockSurvey created a proven 8-step process to capture leads through surveys. The best part is these 8 steps apply to any industry.

I have listed the 8 steps below.

  • STEP-1: Set your goal
  • STEP-2: Choose a survey topic
  • STEP-3: Identify target persona
  • STEP-4: Set Incentives for taking the survey
  • STEP-5: Set survey deadline
  • STEP-6: Rollout your survey
  • STEP-7: Share the survey report
  • STEP-8: Nurture leads

For a detailed explanation of how to generate Web3 leads using surveys, visit this BlockSurvey playbook (How to capture 1,000+ marketing-qualified leads in Web3 niche using surveys at low cost?).

State of Web3 developers survey, State of NFT survey, and State of Ordinals survey are a few surveys to roll out in the Web3 industry.

Customer Relationship Management

Using Customer Relationship Management Software is recommended when you have a large amount of lead data. It helps to organize your data.

CRM tools help you collect customer preference & behavior data. It helps you create personalized data that resonates with prospective customers.

Quick and effective support is vital for maintaining trust within the Web3 ecosystem. CRMs help manage support tickets.

Many Web3 CRM platforms for Web3 lead generation are available, like

Are you unsure how to get lead data to the CRM? No worries. Tools like Phantombuster can help.

Phantombuster is a SaaS product that helps you scrap lead data from the web and changes it into your CRM supported format.

Blockchain Showcase Pages

Most Blockchain official websites have showcase pages listing the dApps built over that Blockchain. These showcase pages accelerate Web3 lead generation, increasing Brand Awareness among other Blockchain enthusiasts.

If your product is still not on your Blockchain’s showcase page, it’s time to get it listed.

Below are a few Showcase pages.

The BlockSurvey dApp is built on the Stacks Blockchain.

Below, you can see BlockSurvey listed on the Stacks official page.

BlockSurvey displayed in Stacks showcase page

Source: Stacks Showcase Page

Use A/B Testing

A/B testing can be applied to any lead-generation method.

Two different versions are tested separately in order to find which is more efficient. For example, different versions of emails can be sent to different groups to find which email is more efficient. Similarly, different versions landing pages can be shown to different groups to find which page has more conversions.


  • Making decisions based on tested data rather than intuition.
  • Gain insights into what appeals to your audience.
  • Allocate resources more efficiently.

Markets and consumer behaviors change; continuous testing helps you stay aligned with current trends and preferences.

Data Analysis

Analyzing and extracting valuable data is also a part of Web3 lead generation. The data you collect will depend on the business goals. Eventually, data analysis will help you generate revenue.

The following data are collected & analyzed for a more targeted campaign.

  • Demographic Data - includes data like age, gender, income, & location
  • Website Analytics Data - page views, bounce rates & conversion rates
  • Social Media Metrics - engagement rates, followers & shares
  • Marketing data - Leads Generated
  • Sales data - Conversions Completed

These data help identify the real prospects of your semi-fictional buyer persona.

Nurture relationships with leads

Below are a few ways to nurture your relationship with leads.

  • Send personalized content to your leads.
  • Identify their problems and convey how your product can provide a solution.
  • You can invite them for a free expert consultation.
  • Your content should not appear spammy.

Lead Magnets and Lead Scoring are highly instrumental for nurturing relationships with leads.

Lead Magnets

Another important perspective in Web3 Lead generation is to create Lead Magnets. Lead magnets are valuable content like PDFs, Newsletters, Educational content, or Educational videos. You get to receive the lead's data in exchange for giving these Lead magnets.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is the process of evaluating the quality of the leads and assigning them a score.

Understanding how to do lead scoring helps you boost your sales revenue. Many frameworks and models have been discovered for lead scoring. Refer to the table below for a quick grasp.

lead scoring for sales and marketing

Source: GTMnow

For example, a lead who has downloaded a PDF from your website may have a higher lead score than a lead who has not downloaded it.


To conclude, success in web3 lead generation is possible only when you engage with prospects on a deeper level. The strategies discussed in this blog can help you generate leads in Web3 and attract potential customers.

Traditional marketing strategies still proves to work for Web3. However, knowledge of Web3 technologies is a mandate to succeed in Web3 lead generation.

Always remember that establishing authority in Web3 is the surest way to receive leads.

Don’t just hunt for leads. Care about the larger problem; then your Web3 Audience will fall into place.

Write to us at [email protected] for other suggestions you think are best practices in Web3 lead generation.

Web3 Lead Generation: Strategies for Attracting Potential Customers FAQ

What is lead generation for Web3 products?

Lead generation for Web3 products is the process of identifying and attracting potential customers for decentralized applications and services using blockchain technology.

How can I generate leads for Web3 products?

You can generate leads for Web3 products by creating valuable content, engaging with your target audience on social media platforms, and leveraging decentralized marketing strategies.

Why is lead generation important for Web3 products?

Lead generation is important for Web3 products because it helps businesses build a customer base, increase brand awareness, and drive revenue in the decentralized ecosystem.

What are some effective lead generation strategies for Web3 products?

Some effective lead generation strategies for Web3 products include hosting webinars, collaborating with influencers in the blockchain space, and offering incentives such as token rewards for referrals.

How can I measure the success of my lead generation efforts for Web3 products?

You can measure the success of your lead generation efforts for Web3 products by tracking key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and lead quality.

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