Bitcoin Adventures: Teaching Bitcoin to Kids

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Written by Wilson Bright
Feb 21, 2024 · 2 mins read

If you've ever considered the challenge of teaching kids about Bitcoin, you know it's not about the complexity of Bitcoin or blockchain technology but how to make the learning process fun and engaging. Whether you're a Bitcoin builder, developer, or an investor, the real test is simplifying the concept in a way that resonates with young minds. I couldn’t explain Bitcoin to a young kid a few years ago like ELI5(Explain Like I’m 5). I failed, so I went to look for a way to teach Bitcoin to kids as easily as possible in a fun way. I’m sharing what I've learned so far so you can also prepare the next generation. Maybe these ideas will help you introduce Bitcoin to kids at school or at the next party or get-together.

Step 1: Let’s begin by breaking the ice. The key to capturing children's attention is through play. SHAmory, a game I discovered at Bitcoin Miami 2022, does precisely that. It's a delightful card game that educates players on how the Bitcoin blockchain operates in an entertaining and informative way. The game is readily available for purchase and serves as the perfect ice-breaker for Bitcoin education. You can find SHAmory here on Amazon.

Check out this explanatory video on YouTube for a detailed understanding of the gameplay.

Step 2: Once you've garnered their interest, explaining the 'why' behind Bitcoin is essential. You can open up questions by asking kids about their understanding of money. How does money work? Who prints them? What are the current issues with our money? Then how Bitcoin was invented and when. "The Little Bitcoin Book" simplifies these concepts and can be an excellent resource for clarity. You can find it here on Amazon.

Step 3: Not every question is easy to answer, especially when it comes to explaining, like ELI5. But with the right tools, like ChatGPT, you can break down tough concepts into digestible bits for kids. To make this even simpler, I have created a dedicated GPT to help you along this journey. Give it a try here.

Beyond games and books, Bitcoin education for kids can be enhanced with comics and custom merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, and even 3D-printed objects. These tools not only make learning about Bitcoin enjoyable but also help foster a culture around learning Bitcoin from a young age.

These are my experiences on how we can go about teaching the next generation. I’m writing this as part of the Bitcoin Writers Cohort. Just getting back to writing after a long time. I felt these ideas could be helpful. Now, I would like to know your thoughts on how to teach Bitcoin to younger generations. Do you have ideas or methods? Please share us at contact BlockSurvey.

Let's collaborate to make Bitcoin education fun & easy for kids.

Bitcoin Adventures: Teaching Bitcoin to Kids FAQ

At what age should I start teaching my kids about Bitcoin?

It depends on the child's maturity level, but generally around 10-12 years old is a good starting point.

What are some kid-friendly resources for learning about Bitcoin?

There are online games, books, and websites specifically designed to teach kids about Bitcoin in a fun and engaging way.

How can I make learning about Bitcoin fun for my kids?

Use games, puzzles, and real-life examples to make learning about Bitcoin engaging and interactive for kids.

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