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About BlockSurvey

What if we told you that your survey data is not encrypted end-to-end and there is no privacy?

Imagine that you are collecting information on mental health, sexual health, activism, and protests and nobody has privacy. The issue today is that data that we collect in today's platforms is stored without encryption. With data breaches and leaks in this space, the trend is continuing.

The solution is BlockSurvey. It is a secure end-to-end encrypted alternative to Google Forms, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey for conducting sensitive surveys. Learn more

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“BlockSurvey is a simple, effective, and scalable tool for creating surveys for leadership and learning assessment. It's one of this year's best buying choices. Each month, it keeps improving and strives to serve its customers needs.”
- Nelson Emilio, Personal Branding Strategist
BlockSurvey Testimonial User Image
“I use BlockSurvey to get feedback about all my activities and events. It is really easy to get started and create my first surveys! Then I could see how easy it was to share them. Now I am thinking to use BlockSurvey also within my creative process as an author in order to listen and engage with my audience, knowing that anonymity provides the most sincere and reliable answers.”
- Georgina García-Mauriño, Author & Designer