Surveys and More: Industries You May Not Realize Are Being Impacted by Blockchain

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Jun 12, 2024 · 2 mins read

Blockchain’s impacts are going to be seen pretty much everywhere. A lot of people are aware of the impact of blockchain on things like NFTs, and of course on currencies, but people may not necessarily realize some of the other impacts that are happening as either a knock-on effect or subsidiary impacts of blockchain’s growth. 

Surveys are an area that our readers will know a lot about. The option for people to now anonymously and securely send surveys without fear of any data being intercepted is a big draw for both individuals and companies.

Similarly, there are other industries being changed by the fact that blockchain tech is here (and it is so much more effective than older technologies). 

The Casino Industry

Casinos have been on quite a radical journey – their recent evolutions have meant mobile casinos could become popular, and blockchain and cryptocurrencies have now become huge. People who are looking for casino games that pay real money now see a lot of choices in terms of how they deposit and play. 

Casinos have been some of the quickest businesses to adapt to the blockchain revolution, especially in terms of cryptocurrencies. People are looking for new ways to pay that cut out the middleman and don’t have so much red tape, which is one of the draws for crypto. 

Add the fact that crypto transactions are usually a whole lot faster, and have lower fees than traditional currencies, and you will see why this is such a popular way of doing things. Cryptocurrencies can also be anonymous, so people don’t need to provide so many details to other companies to make transfers, like they would if they were using a mainstream bank, for example.

Supply Chain

Companies can track the journey of food products from farm to table and blockchain is a great help in this, helping with transparency in the sourcing and handling processes, and keeping everyone safe. Digitally tracking items and how they are moved around is vital to ensuring safety for consumers.

Walmart uses blockchain to trace the origin of its produce – they’re trying to stay ahead of the game and work out how they can use these kinds of technologies, and in doing so, significantly speed up the process of identifying sources of contamination.

Counterfeit goods are a significant issue in the luxury market too and blockchain has a use here, allowing us to verify the authenticity of high-end products by maintaining a secure record of each item's history. LVMH is focused on its authenticity and is using blockchain to authenticate luxury products and combat counterfeiting.

Real Estate

Real estate is something that is changing all the time, and though there are not a huge number of companies that have fully adapted, it seems inevitable that real estate will be one of the areas to be impacted by blockchain and take advantage of all its benefits.

Blockchain can speed up the process. Smart contracts were actually one of the original uses of the technology and have a lot in common with the security of surveys and other blockchain technology – they can automate the execution of contracts once predefined conditions are met, ensuring trust and efficiency.

Even land registry can be changed, as some countries struggle with outdated and unreliable land registry systems. Blockchain provides a tamper-proof system for recording land ownership, preventing disputes and even fraud. Georgia in Europe has implemented a blockchain-based land registry to improve transparency and reduce corruption.

Other Entertainment Areas

We’ve mentioned casinos, but entertainment is definitely an area that is benefitting hugely from blockchain. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the art world by enabling artists to tokenize their work and offer superfans something unique. Artists can make more money out of their work this way, and even provide unique offerings for their fans. 

NFTs have been embraced by loads of superstars including Snoop Dogg. They’ve sold for millions of dollars and provide a cool revenue stream for some of the more independent musicians out there, plus a way to connect with the fans in unique ways. 

Music is only one example, and NFTs are offered in gaming as well as movies and of course, art, a lot of people associate art with NFTs as a lot of the first ones offered were of famous art, but they can really be anything. 


Experts normally say that it is only a matter of time before blockchain technology has had its impact on everything in life, from the way we get energy to our homes through to all of the different forms of entertainment we consume. 

Embracing technology in this way can help companies gain market share as more and more people are looking to work with forward-thinking companies and use blockchain in their daily lives.

Surveys and More: Industries You May Not Realize Are Being Impacted by Blockchain FAQ

How is blockchain impacting the healthcare industry?

Blockchain is revolutionizing healthcare by securely storing patient data, streamlining processes, and improving interoperability between healthcare providers.

Can blockchain be used in the supply chain industry?

Yes, blockchain technology is being used to track and verify the authenticity of products throughout the supply chain, reducing fraud and ensuring transparency.

Is the banking industry adopting blockchain technology?

Yes, many banks are incorporating blockchain technology to improve security, reduce transaction costs, and streamline their operations.

How is blockchain being utilized in the real estate industry?

Blockchain is being used in real estate to streamline property transactions, improve transparency, and reduce the risk of fraud.

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