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Get actionable insights without compromising on user privacy. Our AI-driven survey platform empowers you to collect data securely, own it entirely, and make informed decisions with confidence. Join the Web 3.0 revolution in data ownership and privacy.

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BlockSurvey social proof
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4.8 Star Rating
BlockSurvey social proof
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BlockSurvey social proof
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Why BlockSurvey

Save Time, Reduce Costs

Save 80% of Time and Cost using AI-driven surveys in seconds, no programming skills required. Analyze data in minutes, unlock key insights, and reduce costs.

Protect Your Reputation

Take control of your data. Data is end-to-end encrypted and only you can access it. No more data leaks, breaches, or third-party involvement. You own your data, and we can't access it.

Boost Trust and Credibility

No ads, trackers, or cookies to compromise respondent privacy. Ensure confidentiality and security, and increase trust with your respondents. Run sensitive surveys without any worry.

Elevate Your Brand Status

Whitelabel your surveys with custom domains, logos, and themes. Create a seamless brand experience and elevate your status with a fully branded survey platform.

Web3 Exclusive

BlockSurvey is designed specifically for Web3 companies, providing a unique features like token-gated forms & surveys across 10+ blockchain networks.

Delight Your Respondents

Create immersive, gamified, and interactive surveys that increase respondent engagement. Make data collection a delightful experience with our intuitive and user-friendly interface.

500+ members trust sending their forms & surveys using BlockSurvey

Brave Browser
Yuga Labs
Stacks Blockchain
IFF India
City of Columbia
IIT Kanpur

Unlock the Power of Actionable Insights

10 Million+
Survey responses collected and analyzed for data-driven decisions
Hours saved by businesses using AI-driven survey creation and data analysis every year.
Businesses empowered to make informed decisions


Everything you need

  1. End-to-end encrypted

    Our forms & surveys are end-to-end encrypted and are powered by third-generation web technology (web3) blockchain.

  2. Make it anonymous

    Create anonymous surveys with BlockSurvey to gain trust and ensure the privacy of your respondents.
    Learn more

  3. White label

    Keep your branding language consistent using your fonts, themes, logos, and custom domain (White label). Learn more

  4. Team collaboration

    Collaborate as a team in creating forms and surveys in realtime like Figma.

  5. AI survey generator

    We understand how frustrating it is to arrive at the right questions for your forms and surveys. The AI generation module helps you get survey questions in a jiffy. Learn more

  6. AI survey analysis

    Effortlessly transform complex survey data into actionable insights with our AI Survey Analysis feature, reducing both time and costs by up to 80% for more efficient decision-making. Learn more

  7. Email auto responders

    Thank a respondent for taking your survey or send a response copy.

  8. Integrations

    Connect to 500+ apps using Webhooks using Zapier, Integromat. Direct notifications to Slack and Discord.

  9. Skip Logic

    Create custom flows in your forms based on answers. Also called as conditional logic, branch logic. Learn more

  10. Built in analytics

    Obtain key insights and ideas from collected data. Includes pivot tables, word cloud, and sentiment analysis.

  11. Embed, Widgets

    Add your form and survey to your website as embeds, popups, cards, and sliders.

  12. Translation

    Create forms in 100+ languages, including Spanish, French, and right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Learn more

  13. Token Gating

    Token-gate your forms & surveys based on FT and NFT holding across 10+ networks Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stacks, Polygon, Solana to name a few. Learn more

  14. Social Identity

    Collect verified social identities from X(Twitter), Discord, Gmail, LinkedIn, GitHub to segment and validate your audience. Learn more

  15. Market Research

    Unlock consumer insights and market trends with BlockSurvey. Our platform offers tools like Conjoint, MaxDiff, and BiPolar to fuel data-driven business decisions. Learn more

  16. Pricing Research

    BlockSurvey aids in determining optimal pricing through advanced consumer behavior analysis tools. Learn more

Choose a plan that's right for you

Join 500+ companies that trust BlockSurvey to gain actionable insights
without compromising respondents' privacy.

2 months free
Collect your first 20 responses for free with end-to-end encryption.
Billed monthly

3 forms/surveys
Up to 20 responses
Up to 10,000 AI credits
No time limit on the trial
Unlimited forms/surveys with 500 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Up to 500 responses/mo
Up to 25,000 AI credits/mo
Logic Jumps, Skip Logic
Variables and Assignments
Question and Answer Piping
Custom Feedback
Email support within 48h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 3,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Standard +
Up to 3,000 responses/mo
Up to 50,000 AI credits/mo
Remove BlockSurvey branding
HIPAA Compliance(BAA Issued)
Email support within 24h
Unlimited forms/surveys with 15,000 responses/mo
Billed monthly

Everything in Premium +
Up to 15,000 responses/mo
Up to 100,000 AI credits/mo
Up to 3 custom domains. e.g., survey.abc.com
Team workspace
Token gating (Based on NFT/FT holdings)
Email support within 8h


Need help choosing the right plan to your organization?

Case Studies

How Yuga Labs collected feedback from 1,000 NFT holders? Success Story with BlockSurvey

Yuga Labs
Web 3
BlockSurvey enabled Yuga Labs to collect feedback from 1,000+ NFT holders with token-gating to drive unprecedented community engagement.
Jeff Nicholas

How BlockSurvey helped 'Today the Game' with token-gated Fan Engagement? A Success Story with BlockSurvey

Today The Game
Web 3
BlockSurvey revolutionized 'Today the Game's' engagement, enabling targeted insights and data integrity, enhancing community relations, and laying groundwork for future initiatives.
David Magnier

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Secure by Design - It's for Everyone

Security isn't an afterthought for us; it's a cornerstone. BlockSurvey meets and exceeds industry-leading standards, including HIPAA and SOC2, to keep your data safe.

HIPPA-CompliantSOC 2

Join 500+ companies across 50+ countries ...

Using BlockSurvey to protect their respondents' privacy, increase their survey completion rates,
get better community feedback, and build better organizations.

Create 3 forms or surveys
Get 20 responses


How is BlockSurvey different from SurveyMonkey, TypeForm & Google Forms?

BlockSurvey enables digital rights for the users. Meaning, the account or identity ownership and data ownership is with the user and not with the platform provider. With BlockSurvey, all your data is encrypted end to end and you have the keys for them. This prevents data breaches, leaks, harvesting and trust issues. We strongly believe all your ideas and insights gathered from people through data collection is valuable and it needs to be protected. BlockSurvey enables that with a modern privacy focused design system using BlockStack's Blockchain.

What are the benefits of using BlockSurvey?

1. Share Answers, Not Identity. Go Anonymous while answering.
2. End to End Encryption of Data.Your data is safe and secure.Only you can unlock it to read it.
3. Modern Design System to make the survey design and taking enjoyable.
4. Advanced Analytics which helps you to gather insights in zero time.

What is the difference between surveys, polls & forms? Can I create them with BlockSurvey?

A survey is a form with questions specifically designed to gather information about people's experiences, preferences, wants, and needs. Surveys can be long, so a poll is a survey with just one question—a simple survey. And a form could be anything—a survey, a poll, an order form, a quiz, an RSVP sheet, or anything else where you need to gather data. Today, using BlockSurvey you can create any of them to your choice.

Do I need to know coding?

No, you don't have to. BlockSurvey is a no-code tool. All forms can be created without requiring any coding knowledge. We have also created templates so that you don't need any survey creation knowledge.

Is there any student, non-profit or other discounted pricing available?

Yes. We offer discounted and special pricing for students, independent researchers and not for profit organizations. Please write a request to [email protected].

Do you store any data about my usage or run analytics?

No, we take data privacy very seriously. There are no trackers, cookies or fingerprinting done. And we store no application or user data.

Can you describe your data security and privacy practices?

BlockSurvey by design enables the digital rights for the users. By this, the users are in control of their data and not anyone else. You have your keys and only your key can unlock the data.

Does BlockSurvey work on both web and mobile?

Yes. BlockSurvey is a Web App and works fine on any modern browsers and it is device agnostic.