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The Assessment Forms allow you to collect data, and evaluate the progress & performance of your employees, students, or vendor. Helps you keep track of individual or group development in
your organization.

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An assessment form is a kind of assessment template containing the details that need to be supplied for evaluation, measurement or progress identification. It can be used to assess an individual or a group to measure their progress and performance. There are various types of assessment forms that are used for employee assessment, student assessment, supplier/vendor assessment, Team assessment, and so on. Assessment forms can even be used to collect information about a person's mental health, social functioning, and level of functioning in daily activities. The 3 main things to consider when designing an assessment form are: Keep it simple and understandable, Focus on the goal of the assessment and Establish a clearly defined rating scale. BlockSurvey is one of the best-secured platforms to create your forms and surveys. You can create fresh, engaging, and easy forms to evaluate your progress, integrate your results and establish your improvement plan for the organization's overall progress.

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