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The application form is used by organizations to collect information from applicants. It is a document that contains questions that help the organization to know the applicant better. It also allows the applicant to provide information that may be relevant to the organization's decision-making process.

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An application form is a document or a set of documents that an individual or an institution requires from an applicant. Application forms are usually used to collect relevant and required information from the applicants. Application forms can be used for job applications, school applications, or even for government benefits. The information required on an application form varies depending on the type of application. However, most application forms will require some basic information. BlockSurvey gives you the most engaging and powerful application form templates that can be easily customized. It may be a basic application form or job-specific one, BlockSurvey forms can attract the attention of an applicant, engage them in the application process and make them finish it with minimal instruction required.

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