Citizen Engagement Survey

Citizen Engagement Surveys are designed to measure public opinion on a variety of issues, from education and health care to taxation and public safety. The surveys are used to gain insight into how citizens view their local government and its services. The surveys also help local governments identify areas of improvement and identify ways to better engage with their constituents. The surveys are typically conducted online and include questions about the citizens’ satisfaction with the services provided by the local government, their overall opinion on the quality of life in the community, and their suggestions for improving services. The results of the surveys can be used to inform policy decisions, help develop new initiatives, and establish new relationships between local government and its citizens.

5 minutes to complete


To be eligible to take the Citizen Engagement Survey, you must be a legal resident of the United States and at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you must be able to read and understand English.

Questions for Citizen Engagement Survey



How satisfied are you with the level of engagement between local government and citizens?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Very satisfied
  2. Somewhat satisfied
  3. Neutral
  4. Somewhat dissatisfied
  5. Very dissatisfied

How would you rate the local government's efforts in providing access to information and resources?

The answer should be a rating.

How often do you feel that your opinion is heard and taken into consideration by your local government?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Always
  2. Often
  3. Sometimes
  4. Rarely
  5. Never

Are you aware of the various methods that your local government offers to engage with citizens?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unsure

Do you believe that your local government provides sufficient opportunities for citizen participation?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Strongly Agree
  2. Somewhat Agree
  3. Neither Agree Nor Disagree
  4. Somewhat Disagree
  5. Strongly Disagree.

Do you think that your local government is doing enough to ensure transparency and accountability to citizens?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not sure

What changes do you feel should be made to improve citizen engagement?

The answer should be a text input.

What do you think should be done to make local government more accessible to citizens?

The answer should be a text input.

How likely are you to recommend the local government to other citizens?

The answer should be a rating.

What could the local government do better to promote and foster citizen engagement?

The answer should be a text input.

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Here are some FAQs and additional information
Citizen Engagement Survey

What is a Citizen Engagement Survey?

A Citizen Engagement Survey is a survey designed to measure the level of citizen engagement in a particular area. It typically includes questions about the level of satisfaction with government services, the level of trust in government, and the level of willingness to participate in civic activities.

Why is a Citizen Engagement Survey important?

Citizen engagement surveys are important because they provide valuable insight into the public's perception of a particular government or community. By understanding the needs and preferences of citizens, policymakers can better tailor their services and policies to better serve the public.

Who takes a Citizen Engagement Survey?

Citizen engagement surveys are typically administered to a broad range of individuals, including residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in a particular community. The survey can be administered online, in person, or through other means.

What are the benefits of a Citizen Engagement Survey?

Citizen engagement surveys provide valuable data that can be used to inform and improve government policies and services. They can also help build trust between citizens and government, and encourage citizens to become more involved in their communities.

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