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GoodDollar Audience

The GoodDollar community is an active and engaged community of 700,000 crypto users people from over 181 countries that all have onboarded into Web3 and are crypto curious, eager to learn and use DeFi, and earn passive income. Concentrated in primarily underbanked countries and populations, the GoodDollar community is representative of key communities where DeFi and new payment innovations stand to have the greatest potential impact and serve billions around the globe.

Key stats

Key countries
  • Indonesia (40k+)
  • Bangladesh (40k+)
  • Nigeria (35k)
  • USA (18k)
  • Vietnam (13k)
  • Brazil (10k)
we have over 1,000 users in over 50 additional countries
Each member is live, unique and verified via a Sybil-resistance method.
weekly active users
that claim G$ UBI every day, that can run user research or marketing campaigns on.
Use this audience for
  • User research
  • Promotions & campaigns
  • Segmented Airdrops

What makes them interesting

  • 72%
    come from emerging markets or hyperinflationary economies.
  • 62%
    come from households < $20k USD annual income.
  • 42%
    come from households with < $5k USD annual income.
  • 60%
    have undergraduate degrees or higher.
  • 86%
    hold other crypto and tokens.
  • 51%
    want to be less reliant on banks and traditional financial services.
  • 28%
    are entrepreneurs, business owners or self-employed.
  • 100%
    believe crypto is key to them achieving their financial goals.