Ordinals Feedback Form

This template is designed to gather insights and opinions from participants engaging with Bitcoin Ordinals projects. This template facilitates the collection of valuable feedback from creators, collectors, and enthusiasts who interact with digital artifacts inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. By utilizing this form, project organizers can gain a deeper understanding of user experiences, preferences, and areas for improvement.

3 minutes to complete


Anyone interested in Bitcoin Ordinals and familiar with its workings is eligible to complete the feedback form. It is open to both current holders of Bitcoin Ordinals who wish to provide feedback or suggestions. A basic understanding of bitcoins or cryptocurrency is required.

Questions for Ordinals Feedback Form




The answer should be a text input.


The answer should be an email input.

What is your Bitcoin wallet address?

Please connect your wallet and sign the message to verify ownership. NOTE: connecting your wallet will not trigger a transaction or cost any gas fees.


Are  you a collector, creator or both?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Collector
  2. Creator
  3. Both

What is your level of familiarity with Bitcoin?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Very familiar
  2. Somewhat familiar
  3. Not familiar at all

Have you faced any challenges or issues while using Bitcoin for transactions?

The answer should be a text input.

What factors influence your decision to invest in Bitcoin?

The answer should be a multiple choice:
  1. Market trends
  2. Potential for high returns
  3. Regulatory environment
  4. Media coverage
  5. Technological advancements
  6. Personal risk tolerance
  7. Recommendations from friends or family
  8. Financial goals
  9. Previous investment experience
  10. Government policies

Do you believe that Bitcoin is a secure form of investment?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes, I believe Bitcoin is a secure form of investment
  2. No, I do not believe Bitcoin is a secure form of investment

Have you faced any challenges while using Bitcoin?

The answer should be a text input.

Would you recommend Bitcoin to others as an investment option?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes, I would recommend Bitcoin as an investment option.
  2. No, I would not recommend Bitcoin as an investment option.

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Here are some FAQs and additional information
Ordinals Feedback Form

What is the purpose of the Ordinals Feedback Form Template?

The Ordinals Feedback Form Template is designed to collect valuable feedback from users involved with Bitcoin Ordinals projects. Its aim is to understand user experiences, identify areas for improvement, and gather suggestions to enhance the overall quality and engagement of the Ordinals ecosystem.

Who should use the Ordinals Feedback Form?

This form is intended for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts who interact with the Ordinals projects. It's also a crucial tool for project organizers seeking to solicit feedback and insights from their audience to drive improvements.

What kind of feedback can I provide through this form?

You can provide a wide range of feedback, including your experience with the inscription process, the usability of platforms supporting Ordinals, the quality and uniqueness of digital artifacts, and any suggestions for new features or improvements.

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Ordinals Feedback Form

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