Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form

Explore our Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form template. Designed to streamline your event organization, it simplifies the process of receiving and managing sponsorship requests. Perfect for blockchain and crypto events, it's an innovative solution to ensure only token holders can inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

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To complete the Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form, you generally must be a legitimate representative of a reputable company or organization. You should have a clear understanding of your event and its requirements for sponsorship. Also, you should have the authority to negotiate and finalize sponsorship deals.

Questions for Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form



What is your Stacks wallet address?

Please connect your wallet and sign the message to verify ownership. NOTE: connecting your wallet will not trigger a transaction or cost any gas fees.


Company Name

The answer should be a text input.

Official Website

The answer should be a website URL.

Your Name

The answer should be a text input.


The answer should be a text input.

Contact Email

The answer should be an email input.


The answer should be a phone number.

Have you sponsored a token-gated event before?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes
  2. No

What interests you about sponsoring our token-gated event?

The answer should be a text input.

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Here are some FAQs and additional information
Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form

What is a Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form?

A Token Gated Event Sponsorship Inquiry Form is a specialized tool designed for event organizers within token-gated communities to gather interest and proposals from potential sponsors. This form collects crucial information from businesses and individuals interested in sponsoring events, including details about their sponsorship goals, budget, desired level of involvement, and any specific audience they aim to engage. It serves as the first step in establishing a partnership that benefits both the event and the sponsor by ensuring alignment in objectives and values.

Why should I use a Sponsorship Inquiry Form for my token-gated event?

Using a Sponsorship Inquiry Form for your token-gated event helps to efficiently filter and identify potential sponsors whose branding, budget, and marketing goals align with your event's audience and objectives. It facilitates a structured approach to sponsorship proposals, ensuring you capture all necessary information upfront. This process: Saves time by streamlining initial communications. Helps match your event with the most suitable sponsors. Provides a clear understanding of each sponsor's expectations and how they align with your event's goals.

How should I follow up with potential sponsors after they submit the inquiry form?

After receiving a completed inquiry form, follow these steps for an effective follow-up: Acknowledge receipt of the form promptly to maintain engagement. Review the submission to assess alignment with your event’s goals and audience. Schedule a follow-up meeting or call to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities in more detail, address any questions, and explore the possibility of collaboration. Provide potential sponsors with additional information about your event, including audience demographics, expected reach, and specific sponsorship benefits.

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