Baptist Church Membership Form

Most churches shouldn't be looking for ways to grow their church in order to improve the total number of people who attend on a Sunday morning. They should be trying to increase those who are active and involved. A good way to do this is to establish a sense of ownership within the congregation. This leads to opening up new visitors to apply for membership. Here is a sample Baptist Church Membership Form. Joining a local church is a vital step for any Christian. In our spiritual connection with Jesus Christ, the Bible says we are already members “one with the other.” In this way, we are all already members of the large body of people saved by personal faith in God's Son. The New Testament makes it clear that God intends for each Christian to be part of an organized local group of believers overseen by church leadership. The loving, mutual service that arises among God's people is both His and our means of exposing Christ to the observing world. For this reason, we strongly encourage church membership as a source of spiritual growth and dedication to the church.

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