Survey On Substance Abuse

Substance abuse refers to the excessive and chronic use of a substance that leads to physical, psychological, and social problems. Substance abuse can include the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. It can also include the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Substance abuse is a serious public health problem that can have a negative impact on an individual’s health, work, and relationships. It can also lead to addiction, which is a chronic, relapsing disease that is characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and use despite negative consequences.

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Survey On Substance Abuse is open to all eligible candidates.


Questions for Survey On Substance Abuse



Have you ever used alcohol or drugs recreationally?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Never use
  2. Almost never
  3. Occasionally/Sometimes
  4. Almost every time
  5. Frequently use

Do you feel that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neither agree nor disagree
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly agree

If you have tried to quit, how successful were you?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. I tried to sober, but replased after few weeks
  2. I have been sober and I was successful
  3. I have never been successful in quitting

Do you feel that your alcohol or drug use has led to problems in your life?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes
  2. No

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