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Feedback For My Website FAQ

What is the feedback for my website survey about?

The feedback for my website survey is a simple and effective way to gather feedback from your customers on your website.

Why are feedbacks for my website important?

A good website builds credibility for your business, and a proper online presence through a website can attract more leads. Thus, collecting your website's feedback and working on it can improve your business.

How can I access this feedback collecting template?

You can access this survey template from Blocksurvey by the request template option present in the right corner of the same page.

What can I do with the feedback collected?

With the feedback collected, you can easily analyze the pros and cons and work on them to provide a better experience for your customers.

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“I use BlockSurvey to get feedback about all my activities and events. It is really easy to get started and create my first surveys! Then I could see how easy it was to share them. Now I am thinking to use BlockSurvey also within my creative process as an author in order to listen and engage with my audience, knowing that anonymity provides the most sincere and reliable answers.”
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