Sample Confidentiality Agreement Form

This sample Confidentiality Agreement Form is suitable for use with individuals and businesses and ensures that all information obtained by the disclosing party (Individual or Organisation) is kept private and confidential.

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You can fill Confidentiality Agreement Form if you are 18 years of age or older.


Questions for Sample Confidentiality Agreement Form




The answer should be a date input.

Name of Disclosing Party

The answer should be a text input.

Title of Disclosing Party

The answer should be a text input.

Name of Receiving Party

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Title of Receiving Party

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The Parties shall (i) use reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of the information and materials, whether oral, written or in any form whatsoever, of the other that may be reasonably understood, from legends, the nature of such information itself and/or the circumstances of such information’s disclosure, to be confidential and/or proprietary thereto or to third parties to which either of them owes a duty of nondisclosure (collectively, “Confidential Information”); (ii) take reasonable action in connection therewith, including without limitation at least the action that each takes to protect the confidentiality of its comparable proprietary assets.

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Agree
  2. Disagree

All Confidential Information delivered pursuant to this Agreement shall be and remain theproperty of the disclosing Party, and any documents containing or reflecting the Confidential Information, and all copies thereof, shall be promptly returned to the disclosing Party upon written request, or destroyed at the disclosing Party’s option. Nothing herein shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights by license or otherwise, express or implied, regarding any idea made, conceived or acquired prior to or after the Effective Date, nor as granting any right with respect to the use or marketing of any product or service.

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Agree
  2. Disagree

As a violation by either Party of this Agreement could cause irreparable injury to the other Party and as there is no adequate remedy at law for such violation, the non-breaching Party may, inaddition to any other remedies available to it at law or in equity, enjoin the breaching Party in a court of equity for violating or threatening to violate this Agreement. 

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Agree
  2. Disagree

Signature of Disclosing Party

The answer should be a signature.

Signature of Receiving Party

The answer should be a signature.

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Here are some FAQs and additional information
Sample Confidentiality Agreement Form

What is a Confidentiality Agreement?

The purpose of a Confidentiality Agreement is to protect the information, ideas, transaction details, and more from being revealed to outside sources during the course of a business deal, project, or employment deal.

What is included in a Confidentiality Agreement?

The following information should be included in a simple confidentiality agreement: 1. The reason for the agreement 2. Set the date of the agreement 3. Describe the two parties 4. Describe the Confidential information and the details.

When should I use a Confidentiality Agreement?

In business negotiations where sensitive information, such as health information, needs to be disclosed, a Confidentiality Agreement should be the first step.

How long does a Confidentiality Agreement last?

A Confidentiality Agreement typically lasts for the length of the business project or deal.

What are the consequences of breaching a Confidentiality Agreement?

The consequences of breaching a Confidentiality Agreement can be significant and can include legal action and damages.

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Sample Confidentiality Agreement Form

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