Euthanasia Legalization Survey

The Euthanasia Legalization Survey is a survey used to gauge public opinion on the Legalization of euthanasia. The survey asks respondents whether they think euthanasia should be legalized, and if so, under what circumstances. The survey also asks respondents whether they have ever considered euthanasia for themselves or for a loved one, and if so, why.

1 minute to complete


To be eligible to fill out the Euthanasia Legalization Survey, respondents must be over the age of 18.


Questions for Euthanasia Legalization Survey



Do you think euthanasia should be legalized?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unsure

If yes, under what circumstances do you think euthanasia should be legalized?

The answer should be a text input.

Have you ever considered euthanasia for yourself or for a loved one?

The answer should be a single choice:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unsure

If yes, why have you considered euthanasia?

The answer should be a text input.

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Here are some FAQs and additional information
Euthanasia Legalization Survey

Why euthanasia should be legalized?

Several reasons justify legalizing euthanasia. To begin with, everyone has the right to die with dignity, including choosing when and how to die. In addition, legalizing euthanasia would ease some of the burden on our healthcare system, since terminally ill patients would be able to end their lives before their health deteriorated to the point that they would require constant and expensive medical care. Legalizing euthanasia will allow people to make their own end-of-life decisions and allow them to die in a way they choose.

Should there be any restrictions on who can access euthanasia?

Yes, there should be some restrictions on who can access euthanasia. It should only be available to those who are terminally ill and who have made the decision to end their lives voluntarily. There should be strict safeguards in place to ensure that euthanasia is only carried out in cases where it is truly in the best interests of the patient.

Should there be any restrictions on how euthanasia is carried out?

Yes, there should be some restrictions on how euthanasia is carried out. It should only be carried out by qualified medical professionals, and that it should be subject to strict regulation. There should be a limit on the amount of pain and suffering that a patient is allowed to experience during the euthanasia process.

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