How to show answer options using Answer Logic in surveys?

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May 28, 2024 · 5 mins read

Traditional surveys often present the same answer options to every respondent, regardless of their unique circumstances. But what if there was a way to personalize the survey experience, ensuring that each answer within choice-based and matrix question types is relevant and meaningful to you?

Imagine you are taking a survey about your favorite vacation destinations. You select "Beach getaway" as your option in Question 1, expecting the following question to ask about your favorite activities. However, the following question presents answer options for mountain hiking and skiing. Frustrating, isn't it? It needs to be relevant.  This is where BlockSurvey’s Answer logic steps in.

What is Answer Logic?

Answer logic is a feature that adjusts the answer options available in choice-based questions based on your answers to previous questions. In simple terms, it customizes the answer options you see to match your unique circumstances and preferences.

Answer Logic Vs. Display Logic

While both answer and display logic involves showing or hiding elements based on specific criteria, they serve different purposes. Display logic controls the visibility of entire questions, whereas answer logic focuses on the options within a choice-based question. Answer Logic tailors the options based on the respondent's previous answers, providing a personalized experience.

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Why is Answer Logic Needed?

  • It shows relevant options and gives a better personalized or tailored user experience.
  • Increases completion rates by keeping respondents engaged.
  • It provides a personalization making respondents’ feelings connected.

When to Use Answer Logic?

  • Customize the survey for each respondent.
  • You can reduce the survey length by skipping irrelevant questions. Rather than using display logic and having more than one multiple-choice question, you can reduce them to one.
  • Obtain better data quality by ensuring respondents only answer questions relevant to them.

How do you set up Answer Logic in BlockSurvey?

Follow these steps to add Answer Logic to a question in your BlockSurvey:

Step 1: Identify the choice-based question in your survey where you want to add Answer Logic. This is the question whose options you want to tailor based on the respondent's previous answers.

Step 2: Access  Answer Logic Settings

  • Go to the Logic tab for the selected question.
  • Click on "Add Answer Logic" under the Answer Logic section.

Step 3: Set Conditions

  • Choose the question and set the condition you want to apply for an answer choice.
  • You can add multiple conditions as needed (Optional).

Step 4: Publish and Test

  • Publish your survey once you have designed it.
  • Do a test submission to ensure the Answer Logic works as intended.
  • If everything is working fine, share the BlockSurvey URL and invite your respondents to participate.


In conclusion, BlockSurvey's Answer Logic feature is a solution to the limitations of traditional surveys. By customizing answer choices based on previous responses, ensures your surveys are more relevant and engaging, leading to better data and more valuable insights.

Ready to improve your surveys? Try BlockSurvey's Answer Logic feature and see how it enhances your surveys by providing personalized experiences, filtering out irrelevant answers, and giving you a clearer understanding of your audience's needs and opinions.

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