Am I Pansexual? - Quiz

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Apr 13, 2022 · 2 mins read
Am I Pansexual? - Quiz

Have you ever been romantically, emotionally attracted to people regardless of their gender and sexual orientation? But still, wondering why?

There are so many broad categories and subcategories that deal with sexual orientations, which might be confusing for many and hard to identify their own. And this blog post will help you identify whether you are pansexual or not.

What is pansexual?

Pansexual people or pansexuality refers to “all” genders and orientations. Also, it includes agender people, i.e., people who don’t really care whether a man or woman comes to relationships.

Pansexuality is choosing a partner without having any criteria based on gender. Though there is a societal awareness now on a large scale based on breaking the norms regarding sexual identities, pansexuality eliminates Gender identity. People can feel sexual attraction to anyone regardless of their sex.

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And genders defining sexuality all these years, pansexual people don’t even take that into account and consideration. Research states that this orientation is mostly seen in mature adults. It focuses on human connection out of personality, love rather than connection with criteria such as sexual orientation, gender, and gender identities.

In terms of relationships, a pansexual remains a pansexual regardless of their partner’s gender and orientation.

Pansexual vs Bisexual :

Usually, there is a misconception that Pansexual and Bisexual are the same concepts, but they are not. The term Bisexual means, if the person is attracted to more than one gender, it can be male, female, or Nonbinary gender. It is not necessary that bisexual people are attracted to both males and females, but not Nonbinary gender. It is having a relationship with more than one out of the 3 genders. Many bisexual communities do acknowledge nonbinary people; in fact, many nonbinary people identify as bisexual.

But Pansexual means attracted to “all” genders; there is a difference in saying “I like more than one flavor” and “I like all flavors.” Hope you got the point.

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Am I pansexual quiz :

At any point, you might have got confused and felt sexually or romantically attracted to people regardless of gender. If you are pansexual, it might improve the chances of finding a suitable partner. And the pansexual test paves the way for that.

The pansexual test with simple and basic questions helps you in getting rid of the dilemma. This isn’t a diagnosis, but the answers you give can get you some idea of your sexual orientation. If you are attracted to people of all genders or can develop an attraction to people without knowing their pronouns, you have a higher chance of being pansexual.

Common misconceptions on Pansexuality:

Pansexual is still not familiar with many, and there are many myths and misconceptions regarding the same. Pan refers to all and not “many.”

But pansexual people are often thought of as either polygamous or promiscuous, making it harder for them to understand and realize their orientation.

As this orientation doesn’t have any selection criteria despite being a human, there are tend to be misinterpreted more and often than anyone. And just like not every heterosexual is attracted to their opposite always, pansexuals are also not always hypersexual and attracted to everybody.


There is a misconception about the concepts and differences between bisexual and pansexual. More than the term pansexual, bisexual has been recognized widely, and hence though people are pansexual, they wrap them under cover of bisexuality. This quiz is more than a sexuality quiz that helps you understand who you are deep inside.

Pansexual people will have bisexual attractions, but bisexuals can’t be pansexual too. So it is wise and better to know the subcategory one belongs to.

Am I pansexual quiz simplifies identifying whether you are actually pansexual or lying somewhere between bisexual and heterosexual.

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