How to deal with a Narcissistic boyfriend?

Dealing with a narcissistic boyfriend is potentially one of the most difficult relationships to deal with. All about it not only drains you physically but also mentally. Not only are you dealing with an unethical boyfriend, but one who doesn't want to be in your relationship. This makes it much more difficult for women to think about leaving these manipulative, narcissistic men because they love them so much.

Who is a Narcissist?

The narcissist is an individual who gives extreme self-importance and has a high need for excessive recognition and admiration. A narcissistic individual feels that he is so unique when compared to others and superior among his peers. They offer very little attention to others' thoughts and emotions; they also use them to achieve their goals. They assume that they are the ones who have all the skills to do whatever they want. These people typically have a troubled relationship because they are generally dissatisfied and frustrated with daily things. But under this mask of great trust lies a fragile self-image, sensitive to the slightest form of criticism.

What are the signs of a Narcissistic boyfriend?

Solving your relationship problem starts with diagnosing, so you have to reassure that your boyfriend has Narcissistic personality disorder. Sure signs prove that you have your boyfriend is a Narcissist.

#1. Lack of empathy: The lack of sympathy may be the primary distinguishing characteristic of a selfish individual. They move seamlessly beyond others' limits, mistreating, devaluing, and degrading to bend others to their needs.

#2. You start feeling isolated: A narcissist's usual action is to isolate his wife from his friends and family right after his marriage. They're doing this very slowly and methodically. They're already starting to find flaws in your friends and slow making you don't like your friends, or else they're complaining about spending time with your friends.

#3. Praises only before others: A narcissistic personality knows how to woo you when you're dating, but they avoid doing that after marriage. They compliment you in front of others, only to build a perfect husband/wife picture in front of others.

#4. Projection: A narcissist suspects someone else of doing what they do or calls their faults and fears in someone else; more often than not, the person who cheats accuses his partner of cheating. "Projection is a defense or an implicit habit that happens when the person feels psychologically threatened.

#5. Being Gaslightened: They create all sorts of situations that make you doubt yourself. "Why can't you take a joke?" "Why are you so angry?" "Why can't you let go of the past?" "No one will love you as I do," narcissists will always use phrases like this throughout any debate.

signs you are dating a narcissist

Can you have a healthy relationship with a Narcissist?

Many of our friends or family members tend to say "please leave" when they want to say a little about your narcissistic relationship. But if you love the soul inside the narcissist and trust the love, you should certainly try it out. It's possible to have a relationship with a narcissist, but it will be emotionally and physically draining. The narcissists drain all life and spirit from their mate, using them as an emotional—and sometimes literal—punching bag.

Ways to handle Narcissist boyfriend

#1. Accept the way they are; They need more self-admiration and adoration. If you can offer constant praise and hold your self-esteem high, it helps preserve your relationship's stability.

#2. Accept insults; Insults is bait. The narcissist wants you to take them, respond to them, and fight. But if you refuse to play, you can't resist.

#3. Get support from outside, talk to your friends, family, or therapists who can help you cross this phase of your life with their advice and recommendations.

#4. Educate yourself; a narcissistic personality is tough to understand; unless you know clearly about the traits of narcissism, you cannot fully understand their behavior. So it would help if you educated yourself about Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

#5. Be prepared; If you need to confront a narcissist, you must be ready to make an argument correctly. Not only in a fight, in every incident where there is a chance they will blame you. First, think how cleverly they will start pointing things at you, and then you can even write them down to memorize them. It might be helpful to have someone you trust look over because the narcissist would always try to accuse you of being abusive or unreasonable to suppress your ability to call them out on their actions.


After following this, I'm not going to assure you that you will live happily ever after; One thing you need to know is that dating a narcissist is never going to be straightforward, but if you're really in love with the soul that's underneath that narcissist mask, you'll undoubtedly have to try to make your life a smoother ride.

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