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UK Incident Report Form

This form can be used to report incidents of what is commonly called transnational repression or the transnational violation of human rights.

For the purpose of this form, transnational repression is defined as acts of violence, coercion, intimidation, or suppression of the exercise of lawful rights, by foreign governments or their agents, targeting persons resident in the UK, originating from a range of authoritarian states.

This form is intended to be used to report incidents that originate in China or Hong Kong or through officials or persons claiming to act on behalf of China or Hong Kong in the United Kingdom (for example diplomatic staff).

This form can be completed by a person subjected to transnational repression (the complainant) or by someone who is familiar with the reported incident. If you are reporting on behalf of another you must have their permission to complete this form on their behalf.

The information collected in this form will be used by The Rights Practice (TRP) to understand the nature and scope of transnational repression in the UK originating from China or Hong Kong. We hope you will also be willing to speak to us and provide further details.

Anonymised data will be shared with the British government and the findings included in a publicly available report. The information collected in this form will be anonymised before it is analysed. Part 1 data will be analysed separately from the information reported in Part 2. Any data that identifies the complainant will be held separately from other content and will be deleted in 12 months. All information will be held securely. 

This survey doesn't collect information about your IP address or browser data.

All UK residents have a right to feel safe in Britain and The Rights Practice is committed to working with victims and other stakeholders to end transnational human rights violations in Britain.