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WGBC 2023 Nomination Form

Nominations are now open for the inaugural championships and we are inviting individuals to nominate the boxing category they wish to compete in. The championships will be held from 18-22 February 2023 and have up to 200 boxers competing.

This is an amateur-level championship.

The competition will be conducted under Boxing Australia Rules and WGBC policies including the WGBC transgender and gender diverse policy which is currently being developed. We may offer further categories upon completion of the trans and gender diverse policy.

You need to register with your local Boxing Association in order to compete in WGBC 2023. For any questions, please drop a message to [email protected].

Please note participants will need to adhere to all policies to compete in the championships. Nomination does not guarantee participation in the championships or that we will offer the category you are nominating.

Time to complete: 5 minutes