Content warning:

This survey asks questions about sexual harassment. If you feel uncomfortable, triggered, or anxious at any time, feel free to leave the survey. We encourage you to reach out to mental health resources on campus, including:

McGill Nightline:

McGill Wellness Hub:, including your Local Wellness Advisor.

Keep.meSAFE: Through MySSP app (Mobile app, iOS and Android) (60+ languages, 24/7)

Hello! Thank you for your interest in taking this survey! This survey will be used by the Students' Society of McGill University to help guide future decisions regarding initatives to help reduce the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence on- and off-campus. Notably, this survey looks at the interest for the app HAVEN, which is a campus safety app offered at other Canadian Universities. Information collected is anonymous and confidential. 

Time to complete: 2 minutes
Time to complete: 2 minutes