Is my child an Introvert or Extrovert?

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Mar 30, 2022 · 2 mins read
Is my child an Introvert or Extrovert?

Introverts and extroverts often exist in the same families, and parents may be interested in knowing more about how these temperament types manifest in children. This article educates parents on what introversion and extroversion are and how you can assess if your child is an introvert or extrovert.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

We all think an individual's personality is engraved in early childhood. You may feel surprised, but it is proved that babies develop their personality types when they are in the mother's womb itself. When you observe closely, a child shows various signs during its developmental stage that determine what kind of personality it becomes when grown up.

Introvert and Extrovert are two different ends of a personality spectrum; each has a definite set of traits, values, preferences, and actions. Mainly the way you socialize with your environment determines whether you are introverts or extroverts. It is as simple as that where you fall on the spectrum of traits determines your type of personality, whether you are quiet or talkative, a couch potato or a party popcorn, happy with your own company, or rocking with your gang of friends. These are some of the traits of introverts and extroverts. But how you can determine your child's personality type so early, and why you should do it.

Because, as a mother/father, without clearly understanding your child's inner personality, you can't nurture him/her what they really need.It definitely helps you know the path they want to travel, the reason behind their choice of matters. Without this knowledge, when you try to force them to the opposite spectrum, it affects their development and their mental stability.

How do you know your child is an Introvert?

Whenever we saw our kid, we might think either all children are extroverts or something terribly wrong with our child. Seriously, it is very confusing; what kind of person he/she might grow up as an adult is a question that runs in every parent's mind. So you have to observe all your child's activities closely, how he/she behaves in the house, how he/she behaves in the company of others; you can see the following signs if your child is an introvert,

#1. Anxious in the new environment

An introverted child often feels anxious or overwhelmed in a new environment. They struggle to adjust to new people or new places all of a sudden. It doesn't mean that they cannot change, but they take their own time to adapt to the situation and overcome this social anxiety. In some cases, they even avoid having eye contact when they meet new people.

#2. Socializing drains their energy

Socializing is not an introverted child's cup of tea if your child feels stressed and disturbed when you make them gel with new friends in your neighborhood or with your friend's children at a birthday party. An introverted child feels uncomfortable and avoids crowds. They try to stay calm, how so ever you make them mingle with people.

#3. Finding comfortable with own-company

An introverted child, wherever you leave them to play with other kids, they stand back and watch them play. They always feel comfortable spending time all alone by themselves. You can observe an introverted child spending hours playing alone. They have some unique interests; they usually cannot shine in aggressive games, softball, boy scouts, reading stories, or classes like science exploration can be more interesting for them.

How do you know your child is an Extrovert?

Now, as we said, few signs can help you identify the extroversion in your child,

#1. Enjoys Socializing

An extroverted child enjoys getting friends with others; they can quickly adapt to a new environment. Wherever you go, they can easily make friends. Extroverted kids love to do more social interaction.

#2. Team players

They can perform more when they play as a team, they can shine very well in aggressive games, team games like soccer, cricket, etc. An Extroverted child seems to exhibit more confidence in the things they do.

#3. More talkative

They like to talk more with friends and family; concepts just don't seem real to them, until they can talk about them; it's not enough to think about them. You will find that when you're out in public, your child can speak to anyone. They can be easy to start talking to other kids, and they seem to be making new friends quickly.

What is an Ambivert?

There are many personality tests and quizzes to determine whether your child is an introvert or extrovert, but sometimes you can find both traits in your child. Your child doesn't need to fall in the extreme ends of the personality spectrum; they can be somewhere in the middle also. In that case, it is termed "Ambivert."

An ambivert is someone who exhibits a combination of introvert and extrovert traits. They get their energy from people at times and also from being alone. Ambiverts may feel outgoing in some social situations, while they think reserved in others. Trying different tactics like those mentioned earlier may help you determine what your particular child needs to feel recharged.

The goodness of fit parenting

Understanding your child's inner personality is very important as a parent to help them cope with their difficulties they face while growing. A child will meet the environment, people, and society's demands when they try to flourish from the inside out.

The goodness of healthy parenting is nothing but a child's temperament is compatible with the surrounding environment. When there is a match between the demands, expectations of the ground, the child's character, and abilities, that is a good fit. Which makes success and high self-esteem more likely. If the fit is not successful, there is a greater chance that the child may have difficulties.


In the history of the world, an introvert or extrovert both rose to tremendous heights. There are various introvert personalities like Albert Einstein. They made people talk about their achievements. On the other side, extroverts like Winston Churchill conquered people's minds and outshined them as extraordinary leaders. So whoever your child was, you must respect their inner personality; it doesn't change their success journey unless you will accept them and fuel their passions.

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