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May 9, 2023 · 2 mins read

Any organization that doesn’t share its profits with its respective owners but donates them instead is known as a Nonprofit research organization or nonprofit research organization.A Nonprofit research organization is stated to be exempted from federal income tax.

According to the report from the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there are around 1.5 million Non-Profit organizations that are registered in the U.S. But only a very few top the list by their valuable services, motto, and vision.

Below is a curated list for you to know about the top 15 Nonprofit organizations in the US. These charitable organizations cover a wide range of benefits to people all across the globe.

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands Located in the USA, this Non-Profit organization helps in making the lives of people living in Pakistan, happier, healthier, and safer.Through the amount collected by crowdfunding, this organization provides medical relief and donates the amount for surgical treatments and other medical expenses. And they take care of the post-surgical expenses as well.

They run under the mission of relieving stress for people who are worried about their expenses because not everyone can afford the hefty surgical expenses and charges.

World Vision

World Vision is a nonprofit organization that follows the path of Jesus Christ and functions by partnering with Christians all over the globe.

For spiritual and social transformation, they contribute by partnering with churches and they help people cross through disaster and similar crises. The organization voices out their pain and struggles and helps the poor who are in need. Their mission is to heal and help as many as possible throughout the world.

Compassion International

With 108 orphanages and homes in South Korea, Compassion International is a child sponsorship organization that runs under the name of Jesus Christ and is completely devoted to its mission and god as well.

This organization serves in 25 countries and are

  • Christ-centered
  • Child-focused
  • Church-based

Their motive is to provide a safe and peaceful environment for the kids, relieving them from poverty and other hardships.

Lutheran Services in America

Founded in 1997, Lutheran services in America serve around 6 million people worldwide. They support low-income families, refugees, veterans, kids, and almost every person who needs help.

The best thing about this nonprofit organization is that they don’t help a specific set of people. For over 150 years, the Lutheran group has served everybody in every way possible. They work on the sole mission of helping helpless humans in bringing hope and faith in people back.

Feeding America

To end hunger in the US, Feeding America through their food banks and pantries healthy varieties of foods ranging from fruits and vegetables to lean meat and low-fat dairy.

Last year they provided about 4 billion meals to people facing hunger. Poor nutrition and hunger are terrific and hence they work under the mission of breaking the cycle of poverty, hunger by working together with farmers, retailers, manufacturers, etc.

Samaritan’s Purse

For over 50 years, Samaritan's Purse has helped war victims, victims of disaster, poverty, and many disease conditions.

They help people worldwide with food, medicine, and other essential assistance. Following the path of Christ, they help the sick, poor, and people who are suffering.

American Heart Association

American Heart Association, creating a history of serving people for over 90+ years works for the sole purpose of helping people find a way to resist, escape heart diseases and lead a healthy life.

Founded by 6 cardiologists, which also includes a Nobel prize winner work on improving heart health and decreasing death rates due to heart disorders.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is functioning in more than 80 countries and around 50 states, this humanitarian organization works on improving the health of expectant mothers, children, and people who are sick.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) as a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies they help people who are affected by natural disasters and other accidental disasters.

MAP International

MAP International is a Christian organization that helps people by providing medicines and other health supplies irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, religion.

Their utmost priority and goal isto increase the longevity of people across the globe and enjoy life to the fullest by having good health in place. Worldwide they have provided more than 6 million dollars worth of medicine and health supplies.

Step Up For Students

This is a scholarship-funding organization that promotes and promises equal educational opportunities. Step up for students works on providing educational support as they think that education should not be affected due to poverty, financial disability, and other such reasons.

And through their scholarships they educate, empower and create awareness to especially parents on the importance of education.

United Way

Serving over 125 years, United Way focuses majorly on education and fights for good health and literacy for every person out there regardless of their dissimilarities. They feel that education and health are the building blocks of life and they serve every person from every community who is in desperate need of education.


YMCA works with every neighborhood around them as they feel working together will lead to high and magnificent results. For around 160 years, they have been working in communities that have created everlasting changes in the world.

From child health to education to geriatric health and care, there isn’t any aspect that they have left uncovered. And thus it stays among the top 15 nonprofit research organizations.

Americares Foundation

During disasters, disease outbreaks, and other such crises, not everyone will have access to emergency medicine and healthcare supplies. With sustainable and highly accessible programs, the Americares Foundation works on emergency programs such as poverty relief, medical aid, etc.

Feed the Children

As malnutrition and childhood hunger is so hard and cruel to even imagine, Feed the Children helps families who feel feeding their children is a herculean task.

Their aim, dream, mission, and sole purpose are to create a world where no kid goes to bed hungry.

The United States to Fund for Children

UNICEF started functioning after the second world war by supplying health care essentials, supplements, and other essential commodities. Later this developed into an organization that prioritizes children’s growth, health, education, and happiness first.From immunization to sanitation and education this organization takes care of every aspect of the children’s growth and sustainability.

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