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Whether you are an established entrepreneur or a startup enthusiast the HEXACO personality test will help you understand your 6 core personality traits and how they can be strengthened to excel.

What is HEXACO Personality Test?

Personality tests or personality assessments are always a topic of significance among psychology researchers and common people. So why do a personality test? These tests can help you learn more about yourself, better understand your strength and weaknesses, it can help you sort out problems in a more trait-oriented approach. For example, you may have a problem for a prolonged time, do a personality test, and find out that this is common among people with certain personality traits; you can study how other people handle it and learn what you can do.

The Big 5 personality test is the king of all; it is one of the most attractive and consistent scales to analyze your personality. The HEXACO personality test is a six-dimensional model of human personality developed by Ashton and Lee. It almost took every trait found in the previous ones, but what stands out is the addition of the Honesty-Humility dimension to the personality analysis. Each of the dimensions comes with traits with characteristics indicating high and low levels of the dimension.

According to the HEXACO personality inventory, there are 6 factors to a human personality, they are,

These are the major dimensions of personality. These factors are the same dimensions as the Big 5 personality test, except the Honesty-Humility factor. The HEXACO model is receiving huge support among scientists because of the sixth-factor inclusion. You can’t skip the integrity dimension when analyzing the personality of a human.


This factor of the HEXACO model measures the extent to which people are sincere, fair, modest, and Greed avoidance(Greed avoidance is a tendency to be uninterested in possessing luxurious wealth).

People high on this dimension will be more concerned about others; they don’t like having lavish wealth, not interested in connecting themselves to social status.

People who are low in this dimension are more selfish, put themselves first, break the rules for their own sake, can easily manipulate others.


This factor is characterized by fearfulness, anxiety, dependence, and sentimentality.

When people score high on emotionality, they’ll be more easily worried, concerned, or fearful and recognize danger. They also require emotional support from others and will be more worried about others and empathize with them.

Low people will be less fearful, are more emotionally stable, and aren’t bothered by stress.


This dimension of personality is characterized by Social self-esteem, sociability, liveliness, etc. People high in this dimension find it very easy to socialize with people; they feel comfortable when in a group.

People who are low in Extraversion will require more privacy; they will not be so comfortable when in the center of a group, and find it difficult to converse with a stranger.


This dimension of personality talks about Forgivingness, Gentleness, Flexibility, and Patience.

People who are high in this factor will look for a quick compromise in a tough situation. They are a more silent, calm kind of a person. They can forgive other’s mistakes easily.

People low in this factor have very low patience, get angry quickly, and don’t easily admit their own mistakes.


This dimension of the HEXACO personality model is characterized by Organization, Diligence, Perfectionism, Prudence.

People who are high in this factor will be more organized, goal-oriented perfectionists.

People who are low in this factor will be messy, take for granted attitude.

Openness to Experience:

This dimension sees the Aesthetic Appreciation, Inquisitiveness, Creativity, Unconventionality qualities in a person. High in this factor are more creative people; they like to explore new things in life.

People who are low in this factor are less interested in art and culture; they don’t experiment with things in life.

The HEXACO vs Big Five:

The Big five or the Five-factor model of personality is the most attractive one, but the HEXACO model is slowly taking its place. Apart from the addition of the sixth factor( Honesty-Humility), the HEXACO model also has certain aspects that differ from the Big five model. Though the names of the factors Emotionality and Agreeableness are the same in both the models, it differs in how it analyzes the traits. The emotionality factor of the HEXACO model more or less resembles the neuroticism of the Big 5, but it also includes factors like sentimentality, which was not in the Big five. Likewise, the factor agreeableness analyzes whether the person is anger-prone or not, which was not in the Five-factor model.

How does the HEXACO Personality test work?

The HEXACO personality inventory is a 48 item questionnaire that measures personality traits in the six dimensions, as we discussed above. Each question is measured against a 5 point Likert scale, from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.” Various studies are conducted globally, which backs up the strong evidence for the validity and reliability of the HEXACO personality test.


Knowing what you are good at can help in many tough situations; you may think what you know about yourself is more than enough. But that's not true; scientific approaches like these personality tests reveal more defined traits in you, giving you clarity over the decisions you make in your daily life. In today’s world, a personal failure or a career failure is the main reason for major mental health illness among people; knowing you better can find simple solutions around you to solve some of the biggest problems you face.

HEXACO Personality Test FAQ

What is the HEXACO Personality Test?

The HEXACO Personality Test is a widely-used measure of personality and individual differences. It assesses six personality traits: Honesty-Humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience.

How is the HEXACO Personality Test administered?

The HEXACO Personality Test is typically administered online or by paper and pencil. It consists of 120 items that are answered on a 5-point scale from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.”

What is the purpose of the HEXACO Personality Test?

The HEXACO Personality Test is intended to comprehensively assess an individual’s personality traits. It is used in a variety of contexts, including psychological research, occupational selection, and organizational development.

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