Welcome to the 2024 Annual Session of the EASPD Innovation Awards

What are the Innovation Awards?

The annual Innovation Award is an activity set up by EASPD to highlight the work of service providers, including our members, and showcase innovative practices announced in our 2024 EASPD Slovakia conference.

What is an Innovative Practice?

To be eligible, the practice submitted needs to be an 'innovative practice'.

Is considered as an innovative practice, a practice that is:

• Innovative: in the sense that it proposes something that has not been done before or has not been done in this context;

• Human rights-based: in the sense that it promotes a shift from a medical to a human rights-based approach to disability. The focus is on the person - supporting the moral agency and legal capacity of the person - and not on impairments;

• Effective: in the sense that it is demonstrably impactful.

What is the theme of this year?

Each year, our Innovation Awards focus on a different theme. This year, our 2024 May conference is dedicated to "Guarenteeing Choice & Control: Transforming Mental Health & Psychosocial Disability Support".

Who can apply?

All types of support services can apply, be they education, employment, care or support services, etc. .... as long as the eligible criteria mentioned - both those for innovative practices and those related to the theme - are met.

How to apply?

We warmly invite you to apply and share your promising practices with us. To do so, please complete the following form. It will take you approximatively 30 minutes.

When to apply?

The deadline for applications is 5th March 2024.

Who is going to assess your practice?

All submissions will be evaluated in a multi-step process involving peer review and voting. The jury will be constituted in the coming weeks and will include experts, DPO representatives, members, and academics specializing in the topic.

What is the prize?

The 5 winners will receive an award during the Conference as well as a travel grant for participating to EASPD 2024 Slovakia Conference on 

"Guarenteeing Choice & Control: Transforming Mental Health & Psychosocial Disability Support"

They will have the opportunity to present their work at a workshop and stand during the conference to promote their organisation and practice. They practice will also be showcased through EASPD's communication channels.

Time to complete: 5 minutes